e-Disclosure Consent

In the interest of processing your mortgage transaction quickly and to minimize the use of paper, Pivot Lending Group is proud to offer electronic delivery of the documents necessary to proceed with a mortgage loan.  These documents are used to explain your rights under federal and state law, specifically relating to a mortgage transaction and require your review and in most cases, signature. The process we use for electronic delivery will allow for both your review and signature.


Federal and State law requires that you receive initial disclosures in connection with your application for a mortgage loan.  Prior to us sending these disclosures electronically, you must consent to the terms and conditions below.

  • You consent to the delivery of your initial and any subsequent Loan Estimates and your Closing Disclosure. Due to the mandatory waiting periods associated with these disclosures, refusing electronic delivery of these documents specifically may impose the mandatory waiting periods, regardless of when you actually accept and review these documents via means other than electronic disclosure.
  • Your consent only applies to the disclosure of documentation required under this specific mortgage transaction and does not apply to any other subsequent transactions.
  • In the event you need to update the contact information necessary to reach you electronically, or you would like to request paper copies of the disclosures at no cost to you, please make this request of your mortgage loan originator.

Please note:

  • You have the option to have the disclosures provided to you on paper or in non-electronic form.
  • You may withdraw your consent to receive disclosures electronically. If you choose to consent now and then wish to withdraw your consent in the future, you must contact us in writing at;

Pivot Lending Group
5935 South Zang Street Ste 220
Littleton, CO 80127

By answering “Yes”, I certify that I consent to receive your mortgage disclosures electronically.

By answering “No”, I certify that I do not consent to receive disclosures electronically.

By signing below, you also certify that:

  • The email address you provide below is accurate.
  • You have adequate access to this email address.
  • You consent to electronic delivery of encrypted sensitive information.

Electronic Disclosure Consent Form