Taylor Bills

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 1283317


2334 N Scottsdale Rd C-112
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Taylor was born in Orange County, Calif. He was raised in both California and Florida, attending nine different schools in his youth. Growing up, he was active in sports, student government, and chorus. One constant in his life was his passion for sports. Taylor played year round- and was involved in baseball, football, basketball and anything else that kept him active and outdoors.

After high school, Taylor attended the University of California, Riverside on scholarship to play baseball. He spent the school years playing for UCR and summers playing for various teams across the country. After four years he went on to sign with the Seattle Mariners organization. He played one year with them due to an injury; then returned to UCR to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology and Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

Once he finished his education, Taylor was searching for the competitive environment he longed for since baseball. He had the opportunity to participate in a competitive reality show for ABC and he decided to give it a shot. He did very well on the show and was awarded the winning title and prizes in the end. After that experience, Taylor decided to give the Hollywood acting scene a whirl, but soon realized it was not his passion.

As he began his career search again, he soon got into sales. His motto is “Business is Sports for Adults”. The culture and team environment made sense to him. He loved the competitive atmosphere and the opportunity for him to continue his professional and personal development. Taylor owned Xli Consulting. an outsourced sales and marketing company, before getting into the mortgage industry. He loves the opportunity to connect with people on a daily basis and help them with one of the biggest decisions of their life.